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Dear Yuletide Author,
Hello, how are you? Are you doing well? I hope you are! Anyways, you're going to be my writer, huh? I'm quite excited on what kind of fic you might have in store for me! ☆ Also, this is my first time joining to Yuletide 2016, so hopefully I'm doing this thing right haha. Moving onto the likes and dislikes...
My likes include SoL AUs, fluff, dating, scenarios that could possibly happen in between or after the canon events happen, unrequited romances, bittersweet endings, or Rule 63.
My dislikes include anything involved with abuse, excessively gory scenes, PwP, and character bashing.

Alright, now that's done, let's move onto the fandom specifics!


Persona 3

Characters requested: Sanada Akihiko (P3), Female Persona 3 Protagonist (P3)

If you happen to be writing Persona 3 for me, haha, HAHA, God bless you in advance. into this franchise recently, and boy oh boy, was I so hooked to it. The story, the characters, almost everything about it was just. So. Good. AND THAT ENDING.

A-Ahem. Sorry, anyways, if you haven't noticed it yet based on my requested characters, I love both Akihiko and P3 FeMC. I love them as characters, their relationship, and they broke my heart. ...Yeah, yeah, I ship them so much. They're my Persona OTP. Yeah. Yeah. They're honestly so...fitting? And how they're also quite similar in a way?? Haha! Anyways, let's move onto the specific prompts I have for this couple!

Oh, and, I will refer to P3 FeMC as "Hamuko" in this letter. You are free to use any name for her, by the way! But I would recommend using Hamuko because that's how I have always referred to her as such.

- POST-GAME P3P: THE ANSWER, HAMUKO VERSION. I have read so many post-game fics about this ship, and while yes, many of them are great, most of them barely touched The Answer. I would prefer if this fic would be Akihiko-centric, and seeing as how he would really feel about the whole situation. How would he feel about Metis? Aigis obtaining the same abilities as her (instead of him)? The chance to save her? Who teams up with him to compete for the keys?
- If writing about The Answer isn't your cup of tea, then maybe writing more about relationship is? I would like to see a Hamuko-centric fic about her thoughts on the relationship between her and Akihiko. I always see Akihiko-centric fics focusing on the relationship between him and Hamuko, but none for Hamuko? Why does she love him so much? What was so interesting about Akihiko?
- If writing romantic Akihiko and Hamuko isn't your cup of tea, then I would really just like to see these two interacting or hanging out. Walking around Koromaru, training, spending a moment together in December, just good ol' friendship between a senior and junior.


Fate/Grand Order

Characters requested:
Mashu Kyrielite | Shielder, Female Protagonist (Fate/Grand Order), Ozymandias | Rider (Fate/Grand Order), Karna | Lancer (Fate/Grand Order)

FGO is one of the silliest mobages I have ever played. Ever. One of the many things I love in the game is that it's got so many interesting characters and they have so varying interactions. Bound by their master, these historical figures, when placed together, could have either the most surprising friendships, to really strong rivalries. It's amazing, really.

I don't exactly have a strict prompt for this fandom, but I decided to choose two different characters (together with the main female protagonist and Mashu) and wanted to see: how would they interact?

With that, I chose Karna and Ozymandias! Ah, they're both somehow connected to the Sun, right? I'm interested to see how you write them together. You are free to either give them a platonic relationship or even romantic one, go nuts!! 


Fate/stay night (Visual Novel)

Characters requested:
Heroic Spirit Emiya | Archer (F/SN), Matou Sakura (F/SN VN)

Ah, yes. the mysterious Servant of the Fifth Holy Grail War and the sweet and gentle adopted Matou daughter. They hide many secrets behind a mask, and they are extremely connected to each other. One doesn't know that.

I only have one prompt for them, and that is I want to see these two interact with each other somehow during the Fifth Holy Grail War. How it would be played out is completely up to you. Maybe Archer saves her somehow? Does Rider make some intervention in their interaction? Go crazy!


Love Live! Sunshine!!

Characters requested
: Kurosawa Ruby, Kunikida Hanamaru, Tsushima Yoshiko

The adorable first years of Aqours! Their interactions and relationship are so...well, cute! Sweet! So pure, honestly! I love love love them. Oh god. Yes. Yes.

I only have one specific prompt for them, and is to see Yohane introducing her interests properly? to the two girls. How would the two think about her interests? Would they get somehow hooked to it too? If that isn't your cup of tea, then I would really just like a fic of these three going out somewhere, maybe Tokyo! Haha! I would prefer if the relationship between these three would remain platonic, but you may add (sort of) fluff between either Ruby and Hanmaru or Yoshiko and Hanamaru.


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