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Dear Not Prime Time Author,

Hello! This is my first time joining an event such as this, so I do hope whatever I'll be inputting won't be stressful for you!

For my likes, well, anything involving slice of life AUs or scenes or cute and romantic dating. Honestly, I really admire anything cute in fanfictions! I also really like to see possible scenarios that would happen in between or after the canon events happen. Other things I would like to see are unrequited love scenarios, bittersweet endings, Rule 63, and everyone is a human AU. Also, I don't mind if you add any sex scenes in the fic you wish to make.
I dislike anything involved with any forms of abuse, or excessively gory scenes.
Now that is done, let's proceed to the various fandoms that I am requesting!

Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms

Characters: Gilgamesh (Fate), Emiya Shirou, Arturia Pendragon | Saber

Most of my knowledge for the Fate/ franchise roots back from the Fate/stay night visual novel, the Fate/Zero anime series, the Fate/Extra games (both Extra and CCC), Fate/Prototype, Carnival Phantasm, the Fate/Grand Order mobile game, and anything related done during April Fools. Although, my requests for the fandom would focus on first two aforementioned series of the franchise.


1) Gilgamesh (Fate)

He's probably the biggest assholes in the entire franchise, but I really really like him. His concept and character are actually really interesting and I really do wish to see more of who he is.
Prompts For Gilgamesh:
- What was he up to during his off screentime in the Unlimited Blade Works route? Was he already aware of Saber's presence when Shirou and Rin visited Kirei in the church? I'm also really curious if he had another "conversation" with Sakura since they had bumped into each other during the prologue. What were his thoughts about Archer and Shirou after encountering them?
- I have always loved the concept of a female Gilgamesh. What is she like? How much does her presence affect her own history? If you don't want to explore on the origin story, then you may explore it more on her presence in the events of Fate/Zero or Fate/stay night. How different are her opinions on Tokiomi and Kirei? Does she still hold an obsession with the King of Knights, Saber?
2) Emiya Shirou/Arturia Pendragon | Saber
One of my favorite pairings ever in the franchise. When I first read and finished their route, I was crying an ocean of tears. Shirou cares so much about Saber and she does the same for him. They are each other's sword and sheath, and I want them to be happy! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。
Prompts for Emiya Shirou/Arturia Pendragon | Saber:
- At the end of the Fate route, they both reunite in Avalon. I would like to see a What was Saber doing in Avalon while she waited for Shirou?
- In a Human AU wherein Shirou and Saber meet, how do you think they get together? How would Shirou's family (Kiritsugu, Iri, Illya) react to realizing that Saber is Shirou's new girlfriend?
3) Gilgamesh (Fate) & Emiya Shirou
A rare duo from the Fate/ franchise that I love. While they are both known to be enemies especially in the UBW route of Fate/stay night, I want to see them both in a different kind of light.
Prompts for Gilgamesh (Fate) & Emiya Shirou:
- What if instead of Kiritsugu rescuing Shirou, it was Gilgamesh? I've always loved this kind of concept. I want to see what prompted Gilgamesh to save the young and weak Emiya Shirou that day. Is Shirou still considered a magus? If yes, how does he train his abilities with Gilgamesh? Is Kirei still in alliance with Gilgamesh? And if you wish to write it during the 5th HGW setting, who does Shirou summon? Perhaps, instead of Arturia, he summons Enkidu. That would really be interesting, actually. Gilgamesh and Enkidu reuniting, only it occurs in the FSN setting. Well, I'll leave that to you!
- What if Shirou summons Gilgamesh during the Holy Grail War? How do you think they would interact?

Love Live! School Idol Project

Characters: Toujou Nozomi, Ayase Eli, Koizumi Hanayo, Hoshizora Rin
The cutest idols I have encountered! I watched the Love Live! anime and the movie, plus I am currently playing the game. It's so fun!

1) Toujou Nozomi/Ayase Eli
The first pairing that I fell in love with in this franchise. They're so cute together! I really love how they're the "mothers" of μ's and how they're really just so...aaaaahhh----
Prompts for Toujou Nozomi/Ayase Eli:
- What are their plans after graduation? What courses for university do they plan to pursue? If you don't want to write about their university plans, then you may fast forward to, say, ten years to the future. What are their jobs? How do they still keep in contact with other μ's members?
- If they ended being a couple, how do you think they ended becoming one? Was it because of matchmaking from one of the members in μ's? Did one confess to the other after the events in the movie? It would also be great if you delved into how their emotions for each other turn to love.
2) Koizumi Hanayo/Hoshizora Rin

The childhood friends and the cutest in μ's! They're so adorable together, and they care for each other a lot.
Prompts for Koizumi Hanayo/Hoshizora Rin:
- What is life like for them during their second year? What is the now "Idol Research Club" like with Hanayo as president? Does their friendship continue to stay strong or is it slowly faltering as the months pass by.
- I absolutely loved Rin's development in Season 2 Episode 5. Write about the aftermath of the episode's events. How does Hanayo feel after Rin's confidence boosted? How does Rin feel now since the event occured?

Characters: Alphys (Undertale), Undyne (Undertale), Frisk (Undertale)
I don't play the game because I was super busy with school when it was talked about so much, but I watched playthroughs of all of the routes. And it's a really good game! Especially the Pacifist Route, as it gave me a new perspective on certain things and it actually made me feel much happier about life. Anyways, let's move on to the requests for this fandom. 
1) Alphys (Undertale)/Undyne (Undertale)
Or as I would like to call it, Alphyne! I love, love, love this ship! The dynamic is so interesting and I love how it developed in the Pacifist Route.

Prompts for Alphys (Undertale)/Undyne (Undertale):
- If you want to write about them post-True Pacifist Route, all I want is to see them going on a date! Maybe they would eat in different restaurants together, or stay at home and watch tons of anime.
- I love the Underswap AU a lot, but I don't see content about them in this AU. So maybe it would be great to write about how they met? What were their first impressions on each other? Would Napstaton tease Undyne about her crush on Alphys?
2) Frisk (Undertale)
Frisk has always been such a mysterious character to me. I headcanon that Frisk was initially reserved and clueless at the start of the game, but Frisk's personality changes later on in the game to either kind and loving or cold and unmerciful depending on his actions.
Prompts for Frisk (Undertale):
- What were his thoughts when he first stumbled upon the Underground? Was he initially scared? Did he keep to himself his fears and tried to be brave? What were his first impressions of Toriel and Flowey?
- Somewhere in the middle of the events of Genocide Route, what would be his thoughts as he goes on? Perhaps Frisk would slowly feel an unnerving presence (Chara) slowly arising inside his soul or something.


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